Text about Christian Zanotto's Holotheca "AKTOR"

Christian Zanotto’s Holotheca allows us a glimpse into a timeless dimension to watch an ‘act of creation’ questioning, who and what is creator?

Trained in classical techniques, Christian Zanotto has moved away from more traditional artistic mediums to embrace and explore the potential of modern technology. Most recently Zanotto's artistic evolution has driven him to choose holography as his medium. By expanding the expressive possibilities already intrinsic in his creations he transforms virtual light sculptures into holographic installations. Christian Zanotto's new Holotheca work for Kinetica Museum's feature exhibition embodies a fascination with the erotic elements of Art Nouveau and the idea that these basic and bodily instincts drive other impulses and sensations. The material and virtual merge with the fluid movement of a hologram , contained within a theca. The theca gives material shape and bounds to a space that would otherwise be continuous and imperceptible. Within this space, the virtual hologram moves without any signs of manipulation, provoking the viewer to question who or what is the creator or the 'ghost in in the machine' that impels such motion. This virtual movement presents the viewer with a vision of another, non-Euclidian space, parallel and co-present with the one that is normally perceived, and so stages the possibility of an alternative reality. Sound is also essential to this work; each holographic piece is accompanied by its own audio segment.

Dianne Harris, Art Director, Kinetica Museum, London, UK




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